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Psychological assistance. Millennial black man with depression having counseling session w

Having over a decade of experience in serving children, adolescents, and families allowed us to develop an empathetic, client centered approach to therapy.  Our practice offers a variety of services to meet all of your coaching and therapeutic needs.  

Our Services

Individual Therapy: 50 min -1hr session

Family Therapy: 1hr session

Couple's Therapy: 1hr session

Group Therapy: 1 1/2 session 

Life Coaching: 45 min - 1 hr session
*fee assessed after 1 hour

Therapy is a journey of self-discovery and we would like to help you navigate through it. Our time together will be in a safe and confidential space that will allow you to learn, grow, heal, build and excel through life's transitions. You deserve it!

Along with our clinical, therapeutic services, we offer life coaching for those who have goals but struggle to meet them due to life's challenges and barriers. Together we will work to gain positive insight and learn healthy coping strategies to empower you and propel you towards success.  


Contact Us

Common Ground Theraputic & Coaching Services would love to work with you!  If you would like to set up a session or receive more information regarding our practice, please contact us today!

2105 D N Main Street

Anderson, SC 29621

Tel: 864-634-0930

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